Our Mission Statement

At The Wig Hanger our mission is to empower dynamic women who balance work, family, and life by offering quality wig stands for convenient wig storage solutions.  We are dedicated to revolutionizing wig care to improve proper maintenance of your wig. Whether you're a busy mom, a working professional, or someone who embraces versatility and self-expression, The Wig Hanger keeps you organized and prepared for any occasion. Originating as a family owned business, we believe in the power of love and unity, and we strive to create a community that supports and celebrates individuals from all walks of life. We are committed to enhancing your wig wearing experience, simplifying routines, and enabling you to effortlessly embrace your unique style.

About Us

At The Wig hanger we are all about love, empowerment, family, and feeling good about yourself! We want everyone to feel confident when you select your wig for the day and head out the door! Join us in continuing our late co-founder's legacy and discover the benefits of organized and well-maintained wigs.

The Wig Hanger was started by my mother, father, and I in 2009. My mom was an avid wig wearer and loved the versatility wigs gave her. She had tons of wigs laying all around the house, and as her collection grew more she realized she needed a better way to store them, but couldn’t find one in stores, so the idea to make one ourselves was born! My parents and I then worked on a design, my dad created the prototype and it was sent off to manufacturers. My mother later flew overseas to finalize the design and the rest was history!


We were so excited when production for The Wig Hanger was finished, and we went live! We ran the business but we all still had our respective careers outside of it, with not much marketing expertise, so we learned along the way as we grew.

Over the years as business progressed , my mom and I continued raising awareness and marketing for The Wig Hanger, while my dad continued handling the packing and shipping of orders, doing daily post office runs, and sending out emails, he truly was the engine of The Wig Hanger.

In 2019 as my parents had to take a step back, we came to the decision as a collective that I would fully take over the company. I had big plans for The Wig Hanger and told my parents that after a new product design with focus on making our wig stand even better, that we would improve the user experience for our customers. My parents were looking forward for what was to come and couldn’t wait to see all the changes and new plans.

I was excited to start the manufacturing process again and implement the new changes, and things were looking good as production for our new design began. Then in 2021 everything changed in a matter of minutes when my Dad passed away suddenly. Life had taught us how truly unpredictable it could be.

My father was the backbone of The Wig Hanger, he put so much blood, sweat, tears and energy into the business. His memory, passion, hard work and his unwavering love will live on and be remembered by us all. I would have loved for him to be here with us and to see all the new changes that came about with The Wig Hanger, I know he is watching and smiling down.

Continuing The Legacy

As the Wig Hanger continues we strive to always evolve as a brand. After over a decade in the industry, we are proud to have created our new wig stand design with improved features, that now allow for wig T-pins to be inserted to help secure your wig on each mannequin head.

The Wig Hanger started as a small idea and now has blossomed into something so much more. It’s been an honor for my family to have been able to provide so many wig wearers with better wig maintenance solutions.

I will continue to carry on the legacy of The Wig Hanger and we vow as a company to continue to provide transparency, provide great products with safe materials that our customers can feel good about using!  

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